Proof of Progress

Age of Agility is REAL and I have proof! My proof is the book’s galley proof. As I have already mentioned in previous blog posts, AoA hit a couple snags in the last stage of publication. I’ve been listening to my Alan Watts tapes and watching my fair share of fail videos on YouTube in order to deal with the frustration. At last, progress has been made. Today, my wife sent me these pictures:


Age of Agility Andrew J Wilt proof 1
Age of Agility Andrew J Wilt proof 2
Age of Agility Andrew J Wilt proof 3
Age of Agility Andrew J Wilt proof 4

The book should be ready for purchase in the next week or two. I’ll keep you posted. I promise it will be worth the wait!


If you read yesterday’s post, you (and the FBI) know I am in Macon, Missouri. I’ve searched my room and I can’t find my standard issue Gideon bible. I did, however, find a Chariton Valley telephone directory in my nightstand. Something that may actually come in handy, along with the landline phone in my room, since my cell service is spotty and I’m not sure if people here have even heard of the internet yet, let alone wifi.

Last night I started reading a book my mother-in-law gave me for my birthday back in October: Safe from the Sea by Peter Geye. So far, I love it. Maybe I’ve been reading too many dirty 70s pulp novels? This is a refreshing read. Strong characters, excellent language & flow, and spot on dialogue. Peter Geye, you’re someone to look up to. Great recommendation Mrs. P, I like your style.

Geye is a Minnesota author and graduated with a PhD. in creative writing from Western Michigan University...meaning, occasionally, good things can come from Kalamazoo, MI.

I brought Horace McCoy’s They Shoot Horses Don’t They? because I’m mid-autopsy. A coroner or mortician looks for a cause of death in a corpse., likewise, I am taking the book apart like a mortician so I can see how the story works. I want to identify what caused it to be so impactful on so many readers. Maybe I won’t come up with anything--who knows! I’m looking at it with a critical eye and taking my sweet time with it.

I don’t know how much time I’ll spend with TSHDT. I’ve been meaning to work on some poems I drafted last month in Iowa. Reading is fun, but writing comes first. Amen to that, Chariton Valley telephone directory.

To be completely honest, small town Missouri stopped me in my tracks today. I passed through a few pretty depressing towns and lost count of abandoned houses and trailers. I drove past some homes, and now that I think about it, some entire towns that were completely dilapidated. Reading parts of The Stand yesterday has my brain going haywire thinking about post-apocalyptic narratives.

As one redneck, I mean, liberal protester said to the other, “this may be America, but it ain’t my America.” All joking aside, this is a very real part of the U.S. and I’m happy they have invited me into their community. WE are more than our cities and suburbs, WE are full of complex working people, many of them are living in rural areas. The working class is the building block of our economy and they need our help more than ever. If we help them, everyone benefits.

Thanks for listening, diary.

Love and light (out here we say corn and biofuel),