Age of Agility is out!

Last week, Age of Agility was officially published by Sustainable Evolution, Inc. and is now available for purchase.  

What’s next?

More blogs are coming! In the downtime between publishing deadlines, I’ve been scratching down ideas and have accumulated enough to keep me busy with blogs for a few months. In the next year, I will be experimenting with ideas and you, my loyal readers, are the test audience. There’s a good chance you’ll read something that will prompt my next big project.

What else?

If you haven’t noticed, the website got a facelift by a very talented designer who will be working with us and making sure this website and other design element associated with Age of Agility are pretty and user-friendly. That means other things on will be changing soon as well. 

What have I been reading?

Well, a whole lot. Recently, I’ve been scribbling on proof copies of Age of Agility (those printed out copies below the paperback are another proof). Since the publishing process has been a lot of extra work (requiring more willpower), I’ve been reading about yoga, meditation, and breathing (see Pillar 1, Breathe, in Part 2 in Age of Agility). Right now, I'm enjoying Georg Feuerstein's small book about yoga philosophy: The Philosophy of Classical Yoga.  I’ve also starting reading JR by William Gaddis with my mini Skype/virtual book club.  

Ehhh....excuse the bib. That's something else that happened between this update and the last one. 

Ehhh....excuse the bib. That's something else that happened between this update and the last one. 

As always, if you want to keep up to date with the books I’m reading, follow me on Goodreads. I post the ones I finish and sometimes comment on them. I'll try to keep you all up to date with the books on my desk. Even if I'm only reading 2-3 books per week, I'm referencing, flipping through, and glancing at many books. The idea is, by looking at the stack of books on my desk at the end of the week you'll get an idea of the things I'm working on. 


What to expect for 2018:

  • Regular updates to the blog (subscribe below or on the title tab)
  • A lot of chatter about Age of Agility (you can start talking about it on Goodreads here)
  • I’ll have a lot more time to answer your questions via email and my Drop a Line form. Feel free to contact me with questions and feedback.