Meet my side hustle, 11:11 Press

1111 press Fall 2018 release

Hello, world. Meet 11:11 Press, a Minneapolis-based publisher. 11:11 publishes innovative literature of all forms and varieties. We believe in the right to freedom of artistic expression, the realization of creative potential, and the transcendental power of stories.

We (James and I) are excited to launch our new website: 

We will be publishing two books this fall: Sam: A Mundane Love Affair Between Two Men by J.N. Habiger and Starving Romantic, by Vincent James Perrone

To read my interview with J.N., click here.

To read my interview with Vincent, click here

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Andrew J. Wilt is the author of Age of Agility, a book that addresses the skill gap between school and work. He can be reached at and on Twitter @andrewjwilt

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