30 Second Blog: The Simple 5-Step Weekly Reflection


Turn off your phone. Put your computer to sleep. Close your door (and lock it if you can). Block everything out and give yourself time to sit and think. Spend the next five minutes reflecting on these five questions: 

  1. If you could go back in time and give advice to your younger self, what age would you visit and what would you say? 

  2. What is one thing you learned this week that you didn’t know last week?

  3. What are you looking forward to this week?

  4. What are you most concerned about this week?

  5. What is one skill you are working on developing this week?

Repeat weekly and track in a journal for maximum results.

I’m still on my blog-writing hiatus as I’m working on 11:11 Press and the next book, Meaningful Work. I wrote this as a challenge to see if I could write a meaningful blog post in 15 minutes or less. If this was helpful, let me know and I might make this a weekly challenge. (If it wasn’t helpful, you can let me know too.)

More than luck,



Andrew J. Wilt is the author of Age of Agility, a book that addresses the skill gap between school and work. He can be reached at Andrew.wilt@sustainableevolution.com and on Twitter @andrewjwilt

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