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The Accurate Manager: 4 Essential Leadership Lessons in Your 20s

Most managers fall somewhere on the spectrum between micro-managing helicopter parent asking for updates, approvals, and gossip at all hours of the day, and directionless, distant, and completely absent, leaving their employees to fend for themselves. Too much or too little management is a drain on both the employee and the manager. The Accurate Manager falls somewhere in the middle (depending on the team) and uses their energy efficiently. This way, their employees can grow into their roles, leaving ample time for the manager to focus on their most important tasks.

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How Discovering Your Purpose in Your 20s Is the Secret to a Lifetime of Happiness

Unless life has other plans for you, one day, your hair will start changing color (or start falling out). Soft lines, called crow’s feet, will radiate outward from the corners of your eyes. Your bones will begin to shrink, and your muscles will go stiff. Welcome to your golden years.

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