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Luck is(n’t) Everything

 We all encounter luck, both the good and the bad. Despite the many positive and negative events we all live through—seemingly at random—most people rarely recognize the luck they have or know how to capitalize on it. …there isn’t a way to get more good luck, but we can learn how to recognize lucky breaks and prepare for the times when it feels like everything around us is falling apart. Whether it’s good luck or bad, these strategies will help.

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Why You Shouldn’t Follow Your Passion

We’ve heard it so many times, it’s become a cliché: follow your passion. Commencement speakers tell graduates it’s the golden rule for happiness and nearly every building I walk through, someone has the words thumb-tacked to a spongy cubical wall for inspiration. Since we’re all familiar with the expression, tell me, what is passion and why should you follow it?

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