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Deliberate Living

We all wear A LOT of hats. You are an employee, you play a role in your community (city, club, or religious organization), you have hobbies, you are a friend and a family member. Those are a lot of roles, and yet, you are the same head beneath each hat. Together it adds up to one life. Your life.

The trap many of us fall into is trying to manage all of our hats at once. Our work needs to be completed (on time, on spec, on budget), our friends and family members need to feel supported (and they, in return, support us), we attend meetings for our social obligations, all the while remembering to take out the recycling on Thursdays, feeding and watering the pets.

Even if you have above-average time management skills, perfect work/life balance, and do a lot of biohacking (joking… kind of… ehmm bulletproof and truBrain), you will eventually reach your limit. Like the Project Management Triangle, you can only stretch yourself so thin before everything begins falling apart.

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