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Generational Hazing in the Workplace: What Millennials Can Do to Stop the Negative Feedback Loop

We all know millennials are our laziest workers. The speaker paused as the room filled with silence. You know it’s true—you work with them every day. Even you young people here can’t deny it. That’s why we need to create these opportunities, because the millennials are not going to seek them out by themselves.

I couldn’t believe what I heard. I asked myself: did that really just happen? A cultural stereotype was legitimized by a government employee at a state-sponsored event filled with local business leaders. That’s when I realized the missing piece in the whole workforce-education equation: we have multiple generations working together, each with their own unique background, behaviors, and beliefs.

We talk about bullying and hazing in schools, but rarely do we talk about how the older generation imposes the exact same behaviors on the younger generation, in plain sight.

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Agility in the Skilled Trades

I’ve been working in the skilled trades for two years, building apprenticeships in the Midwest for Mechanical Systems Inc. Before 2016, I had never owned a pair of steel-toed boots, wore FR clothing (flame resistant), or even driven a pick-up truck. I use all three, daily. … The last nine days, I was in Wisconsin working a turn-around. As I was thinking about what I wanted to write about this week, my thoughts returned to the workers and their unique insights into productivity and work/life fulfillment. The following is a collection of agile skills I’ve picked up in the last two years that I would not have learned if I had never left the comforts of my office.

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The Top 15 Lessons I Learned in My 20s

Lesson 1: Don’t Worry About What You Can’t Control
Lesson 2: There is Always a Solution

Lesson 3: Set One Goal for the Day

Lesson 4: Fail Often

Lesson 5: Read More and Read Diversely

Lesson 6: Spend Less

Lesson 7: Avoid Debt (Including Student Loan Debt)

Lesson 8: Never Pass Up an Opportunity to Learn Something New

Lesson 9: Go Out of the Classroom, Get Your Hands Dirty

Lesson 10: Stop Complaining
Lesson 11: Getting Drunk Isn’t Worth the Hangover

Lesson 12: Be Kind (even if you think someone doesn’t deserve it)

Lesson 13: Everything is a Gift

Lesson 14: Always Do Your Best

Lesson 15: Respect Others Because You Respect Yourself

**Bonus Lesson 16: Never Sacrifice Your Values** (W/ A SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT)

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Nootropics: 14 lessons I learned from my 14-day experiment into the hidden world of smart drugs

Nootropics, by definition, are cognitive enhancing supplements that (claim to) improve concentration, enhance memory, and boost mental stamina. Ahhhh… you might be thinking, nodding your head with a conspiratorial grin, the old ginkgo balboa and cup of coffee trick

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What Arthur C. Clarke, Leonardo da Vinci, & Cognitive Psychology Can Teach Us About Discounting Ideas and Connecting the Unconnected

“The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.”

- Arthur C. Clarke

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Six Ways to Find Clarity in Conflicting Information

The early bird gets the worm. Good advice, unless you’re the worm. And if you are the worm, you might be following very different advice: “haste makes waste” or “all good things come to those who wait.”

We have a lot of these sayings. Often, I find myself in situations where saying them sounds natural.

You should dress appropriately for the job you’re doing, after all, the clothes make the man. Then again, you can’t always judge a book by it’s cover.

Look at the world! The corruption! The poverty! No wonder, money is the root of all evil. Then again, you’ve got to have money to survive. After all, money makes the world go ‘round.

Working as a team, we will knock this out in no time. You know what they say: Many hands make light work. On second thought, let’s work on some of this individually and check back tomorrow morning. You know what they say: Too many cooks spoil the soup.

At first, I was a little skeptical about working together, but now I’m really happy we are. It’s true, opposites attract. Different day, different person: This project is coming along great, I’m happy we see eye to eye on so many things, birds of a feather flock together.

Scratching your head? Me too.

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Work/Life Balance Is Dead

At least, in the traditional way we think of it. What we think of as “work” has changed more in the last 50 years than ever before. Industry change, partnered with a shift in technology, has changed what we do and how we do it.

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“Being Indie” in a post-consumerism world

“Why should I pay for something if I can get it for free?” This is a question many indie artists are asked, ranging from musicians, writers, webcomic creators, filmmakers, and many others generating content for online consumers.

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Respect others because you respect yourself.

Respect is something that is earned. Before someone has earned your respect or after they have lost it all, treat them with decency because of the respect you have for yourself. When you are rude, cruel, mean, disengaged, or hold a grudge, you are only hurting yourself—you hold yourself back from your own progress. Whatever you do, do it respectfully, because how you treat others starts with how you treat yourself.

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