Age of Agility Paperback

Age of Agility Paperback

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Having a hard time finding a job post-school? Or are you stuck in the one you settled for, doing something you don’t love that barely covers the minimum payments on your student loans?

First off, you didn’t do anything wrong. Everyone in your support group, including the school you attended, told you an education would lead to a high paying job you love. The problem is, most schools didn’t prepare us for the competitive, demanding, and fast-paced workplace.

The biggest lie we were told is that a college education will prepare us for a lifelong career. If you go to college or put in your four years and earn a bachelor’s degree, you will find a rewarding and stimulating career with a comfortable salary and benefits. The reality is, there is a huge skill gap between the classroom and the workplace, and this skill gap is the main reason I watched countless friends struggle post-school to find a meaningful career. While we sent out resumes and cleaned up our LinkedIn profiles, an entire generation of college graduates moved back home to live with friends or family because we couldn’t afford to pay rent thanks to being, on average, $35,000 in debt to student loan companies.

Here’s why: We are living in an Age of Agility. The world is changing so quickly, higher education can’t keep pace and as a result, we aren’t given the tools to prepare us for a sustainable and rewarding career. College graduates are not prepared to enter the workforce.

Unlike other pop business books, I’m not selling an empty box of “dream big and work hard.” This is a book about defining the path to your dream and working smart. Rather than focusing only on the current state of the industry, this book is about the skills you need to keep pace with the industry as it changes. No matter how the industry shifts, agile skills—skills like social and emotional intelligence, communication, self-management, and creative problem-solving—will always be relevant. Instead of teaching you what to think, this book will teach you how to think.

If you like where this is going, flip to Why Read This Book—there’s a good chance Age of Agility was written for you.


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