TED Talks: The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking, by Chris Anderson

The 4-Hour Workweek, by Timothy Ferriss

Blink, by Malcolm Gladwell

David and Goliath, by Malcolm Gladwell

The Tipping Point, by Malcolm Gladwell

What the Dog Saw, by Malcolm Gladwell

Tribes, by Seth Godin

The $100 Startup, by Chris Guillebeau

Side Hustle, by Chris Guillebeau

Outwitting the Devil, by Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill

Blue Ocean Strategy, by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne

The Phoenix Project, by Gene Kim, Kevin Behr, and George Spafford

Business Model Generation, by Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur

Practical Genius, by Gina Amaro Rudan

The Fifth Discipline, by Peter M. Senge

Start with Why, by Simon Sinek

Scrum, by Jeff Sutherland

Networking Is a Contact Sport, by Joe Sweeney

Hit Makers, by Derek Thompson


The New Rules of Work, by Alexandra Cavoulacos and Kathryn Minshew

Mastery, by Robert Greene

Business Model You, by Alexander Osterwalder, Tim Clark, and Yves Pigneur

The Element, by Ken Robinson

Getting There, by Gillian Zoe Segal


Transitions, by William Bridges

Switch, by Chip Heath and Dan Heath

Change Anything, by Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, David Maxfield, Ron McMillan, and Al Switzler


If I Understood You, Would I Have This Look on My Face?, by Alan Alda

The Lost Art of Listening, by Michael P. Nichols

Getting to Yes, by Roger Fisher and William Ury

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence 2.0, by Travis Bradberry

Emotional Intelligence, by Daniel Goleman


Level Up Your Life, by Steve Kamb

Reality is Broken, by Jane McGonigal

SuperBetter, by Jane McGonigal


Head Strong, by Dave Asprey

The Telomere effect by Elizabeth Blackburn and Elissa Epel

The 4-Hour Body, by Timothy Ferriss

In Defense of Food, by Michael Pollan

The Omnivore’s Dilemma, by Michael Pollan

The Dorito Effect, by Mark Schatzker

Anticancer, by David Servan-Schreiber

Sleep Smarter, by Shawn Stevenson

Good Calories, Bad Calories, by Gary Taubes

The Sleep Solution, by W. Chris Winter, MD


The Miracle of Mindfulness, by Thich Nhat Hanh

Waking up, by Sam Harris (note: this is a book for the nonreligious-nonspiritual)

Wherever You Go, There You Are, by Jon Kabat-Zinn

Catching the Big Fish, by David Lynch

Mindfulness at Work, by Stephen McKenzie

The Buddha Walks into a Bar, by Lodro Rinzler


Dave Ramsey’s Complete Guide to Money, by Dave Ramsey

The Millionaire Next Door, by Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko

The Millionaire Mind, by Thomas J. Stanley

Money Management Skills, by The Great Courses


168 Hours by Laura Vanderkam

The Willpower Instinct, by Kelly Mcgonigal

Essentialism, by Greg McKeown

Drive, by Daniel H. Pink

Do the Work, by Steven Pressfield

Turning Pro, by Steven Pressfield

The War of Art, by Steven Pressfield

Willpower, by John Tierney and Roy Baumeister

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP: The Essential Guide to Neuro-Linguistic Programming, by Susan Sanders, Tom Dotz, and Tom Hoobyar

NLP: principles in practice, by Lisa Wake

Philosophy of Living

The Consolations of Philosophy, by Alain de Botton

The Pleasures of Sorrows of Work, by Alain de Botton

Status Anxiety, by Alain de Botton  

Daily Rituals, by Mason Currey

The Art of Living, by Epictetus

Man’s Search for Meaning, by Viktor E. Frankl

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, by Benjamin Franklin

Mastery, by George Leonard

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, by Mark Manson

Five Dialogues: Euthyphro, Apology, Crito, Meno, Phaedo, by Plato

The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz

The Death of Ivan Ilyich and Confession, by Leo Tolstoy

The Book, by Alan Watts

The Wisdom of Insecurity, by Alan Watts


Talent is Overrated, by Geoff Colvin

The Little Book of Talent, by Daniel Coyle

The Talent Code, by Daniel Coyle

Outliers, by Malcolm Gladwell

Steal Like an Artist, by Austin Kleon

Bounce, by Matthew Syed


Grit, by Angela Duckworth

The Power of Habit, by Charles Duhigg

Mindset, by Carol S. Dweck

Moonwalking with Einstein, by Joshua Foer

Stumbling on Happiness by Daniel Gilbert

The Power of Momentsby Chip Heath and Dan Heath

A Whole New Mind, by Daniel H. Pink

When, by Daniel H. Pink

Why We Work, by Barry Schwartz

The Happiness Track, by Emma Seppala


Writing Down the Bones, by Natalie Goldberg

Bird by Bird, by Anne Lamott

On Writing, by Stephen King

The Elements of Style, Fourth Edition, by William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White



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